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Wholesale Kurtis

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1-40 of 851

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F3fashion is leading Kurtis Supplier in India having warehouse located in Surat. At our store retailer, manufacturer, distributor can buy online wholesale Kurtis in bulk for women. You would find latest Kurti design Catalogue at our store which is highly demanded.

Why you shop from us?

Fashion changes almost every day and we do not want our customer to lack behind the fashion and that’s why our team keeps studying the current ongoing Kurtis style and creates masterpiece. The 2018 running design of Kurtis can be only availed at f3fashion and we request to keep following our website so you know what new has come.

Low Price:

Prices mentioned on our website is low compared any wholesale kurtis store in Surat and all over India. Here is some of the reason why our price is low:

  • Located in Surat:  Surat is hub of textile and clothes are manufactured here so transportation cost is cut down which ultimately benefits our customer.
  • Bulk production: We make Kurtis in bulk so it becomes easier for us to provide at low price. We have high technology which create large quantity of Kurtis and we are ready to supply any demand.

  • Expert team: Our teams buys women clothing dress material after comparing all prices from all supplier in India and chooses the best one. Comparing and negotiating prices cuts down the manufacturer cost.

  • Customer Service: Customer is main aspect of our company and we take this very seriously. We have dedicated customer service team who is available round the clock to serve you.

  • Shipping: We have various shipping method and you can check which is best shipping option while entering the postcode. We deliver Kurtis catalog all over India, USA, UK, Dubai, Canada, etc at wholesale cost.

  • Filterable product: Regardless you need red, blue, green, yellow, black color Kurtis catalogue we have all for you and you can easily the filter the product according requirements.

Kurtis International popularity

These Kurtis are not only popular in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh but also in Countries like UK, USA, Japan, Australia and many more. It is unbelievable but true when you visit any abroad country you will definitely see foreign girl in cotton kurti with Denim. We have been supplying Bulk Kurtis to international retailers regularly.  Today if you type Kurtis in UK or USA in Google search bar and Google will show you thousands of online stores selling Kurtis to foreign retail customer.  From that one can say confidently that the Kurtis has become Global tunic for females.


Kurti is a gift which was given by Punjab state, initially the Punjabi male used to wear long top named as a Kurta with pajama or Patiala. After few years, the same kurta was shortening up to waist length for Punjabi woman to wear as a waist-coat. From that point of time this waist-coat coined as Kurti among all Punjabi girls and they loved to pair this waist-coat with Patiala bottom in olden days. This is how kurti entered in woman clothing and today became integral part of any girl’s wardrobe in India.

Kurti tops Journey so far

At the beginning, this type of waist-sized –kurti only had been worn in northern part of India. In all other region, females were dressing up in saree and blouse.  Up to 1980, In Indian small town and cities, the Young girls were forcing by their parents to wear saree all the time. Gradually, during 1985, the Punjabi suit became the popular Indian dress among girls which was also a traditional attire of Punjab. From 1990, modern Indian Girls started to wear the short kameez with jeans and  salwar. From 1990 to 2018, Kurti has become most demanded tops in India market and It will continue to remain as most hottest top that is Guaranteed.

Various Range of Kurtis:

There are multiple range of Kurtis available with us and you can shop them at one click. Here the range of Kurtis that you shop online at our store:

  • Printed Kurtis: These are quite similar general one buy which floral printed designs printed on them. You might also find which has checks and lining. These kinds of Kurtis can be wore for the purpose of office
  • Anarkali Kurtis: This one from most old time and as time changed the designs has been modified. F3fashion also made sure that customer get latest design of Anarkali Kurtis catalogue and there for we have modifying on regular basis. We are sure you need find such kind designs from dealer all across the India

  • Casual Kurtis: Most durable clothing for women and most comfortable. Ladies can wear this clothing on daily basis and we provide this clothing made with high quality fabric. Even you wash multiple time it will drop colors.

  • Western Kurtis: This are more popular in foreign countries and are made by understanding their trend and climatic condition. Customer’s from any part of the world can make purchase online and we would try our level best to deliver them. We request you to contact our customer support team before placing an order

Premium Collection

We have high quality fabric made Kurtis and sells branded Kurtis to our customer. You would all kind premium Kurtis at our store sold at wholesale rate.

Ready Made Kurtis

All design available with us comes along with multiple size or free size which can easily altered by your tailor. Since these are ready made it becomes more easier for customize and they don’t have to start from scratch.