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2 Item(s)

2 Item(s)

We have been producing Banarasi Sarees from last 20 years that simply means our designer have enough experience that is required to craft the finest Banaras sarees. Instead of replicating trademark designs, our export designers believe in inventing original patterns, this thing differs us from other banarsi sarees manufacturer in industry. Just go through the Banarasi sarees catalogue to understand why we claimed our manufactured as best In India.



History of Banarasi sarees

In saree’s collection, the Banarasi is a trademark pattern of Varanasi city, the same city was also known As Benares or Banaras in Past. The land of Banaras includes a brief history of clothes which has undergone the test of time. Conventional style of Banarasi saree hadn’t required any introduction since it was very popular from Royal era. This traditional craftsmanship was gifted by Mugals because they brought it in India. Initially this hand –made techniques was learned by local wavers of banaras during Moghal era and It was the main source of Income for them. well the Local fabricators slowly became the expert hence the Banarasi silk made In Varanasi was globally famous .The premium caliber of lace work and silver zari works of this six-yard-fabric was really uncommon in past. However nowadays most of the manufacturers have been producing Banarasi sarees catalog designs with Using machine hence This saree is available at cheap rate on every boutique store in India . Ultimately, these sarees have been very famous as a Party Wear Sarees from many years and it is still a famous nine-yard-fabric for all Indian brides.

Banarsi Sarees Production

 Fabricating a Banarasi sari is not an easy task. At First our experts’ designer decides special pattern at designing unit then these standard designs have been drawn on piece of wax paper by them. After that, another craftsmen design scatters cards that are set into the waving machine so the each card can properly emboss each design on silk fabric. Every card is unique so we can produce multiple Sarees design catalogue at our production house in Surat.

3 main types of patterns in Banarasi sarees

  • Banarasi saree has 6 types of patterns such as Jangla, Tanchoi , Cutwork, Butidar( ganga & Jamana) , vaskat , and  Tissue but among all below 3 pattrens are very popular among Indian woman.
  • Butidar: This is a superb form of light & dark color combination of banarasi sarees specially made with using silver, golden threading on silk fabric. The combine work of silver & gold threads gives different effect to saree in different lightning condition.
  • Jangla: Due to silk threading, this pattern gives colorful effect to Banarasi sarees and the cylindrical designs are the main feature of Jangla pattern which makes the fabric look uniqe in its own way. 
  • Tissue ; this pattern is completely  applied using  golden color threads hence the saree looks like  decorated with real gold thread. However this type of saree has to washed out carefully because It is very delicate and heavy wash may damage golden color threading work.

How to select Banarasi sarees for different seasons

  • Choose for all seasons:  Select catalog in mid range price between 1000Rs to 1500Rs for each piece, we craft as such saree that will fit in budget of small business owner. These banarasi sarees are perfect to wear in business meeting or at any casual meetings. To target all seasons, any retailer should order 3 to 5 catalogs in every month
  • Indian wedding season:  India wedding season falls during winter time and also in summer vacation. To cover winter and summer time, the retailer should find out best wedding collection during Monsoon and place the order online. That is the best way you can get banarasi saree at best wholesale rate from any manufacturer.
  •  For overseas Indian retailer:  For overseas Indian retailer, our advice is that do not order too many catalogs from any wholesale website. Because In India, the patterns of Banarasi sarees change very frequently and if any foreign retailer stocks up same collection just to save courier charge than he may fail to clear the stock of Banarasi sarees in time and it may become outdated collection.