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32 Item(s)

32 Item(s)

One and only Silk Sarees manfacturer and supplier in India and all over Surat. High quality Silk Sarees design catalogue is avaialble with us along with images. Browse these images and select the desired one. 

Those who know the value of original silk saree must have known the importance of Zardozi border, zari works, mirror, and beads.  Our well trained designers perform all these handmade embroidery tasks with extra perfection hence we produce the best silk sarees design catalogue. We suggest all retailers to compare our silk saree with other to know which one is best.

Most demanded Silk saree

Amazing Shine of silk fabric makes any ordinary saree looks awe-so-special to onlooker and that is the kind of characteristic, the silk fabric has. The girl draped in Silk saree is delight to watch that is the reason today all Indian manufacturers are very keen to produce Party wear sarees, bridal and festive collection of silk made saree . Despite being heavy and hard to carry, this saree’s sparkling touch makes it most wanted six-yard-fabric among all age group of ladies.

Importance of Silk fabric in India

Being a famous Fabric, the silk-made-sarees has gained huge reputation not only in India but also in foreign countries. Today the manufacturers use Various type of raw materials for fabricating saree for example cotton , brocade , net and many more But the Silk is clear winner in the race. From Bollywood actresses to simple girls, they can’t love any other fabric then Silk. On auspicious occasions like wedding and Diwali, All females love to wrapped up in Silk saree. Wholesale Georgette Sarees in another women clothing which is sold most at f3fashion.

How to identify Silk Sarees Catalogue?

  • Rub it on palm: You just can’t identify pure silk saree by touching it because these days manufacturer are very smart so they create smooth texture just to mislead bulk buyers. In that’s case you should run the corner of silk saree on palm and if you would feel tenderness then simply buy the whole catalog. This is the very basic quality of silk fabric.
  • Check the flexibility; Plain silk sarees are very flexible and the corner of the silk saree could easily pass through the ring. Therefore, Blend one corner properly and try to pass one it through ring if it goes through then this test indicates that the fabric is a pure silk.
  • Check in day-light:  Original silk saree doesn’t need artificial lighting effect to shine it can shine very well during day light. We recommend all wholesalers to verify the material under natural sun light and if it shines same as under the artificial shine that means it is original silk fabric.
  • Concern price: Obviously, You can’t buy Pure silk sarees at very cheap rate because silk fabric’s manufacturing cost is slightly higher compared to other material  so Don’t get trapped with low price tag at wholesale market

 If any retailer purchase silk Sarees catalog from F3fashion, he or she is free to perform all above test. If our silk saree fails in any of the above test then we will happily accept the full catalog back and Give double refund to retailer that’s for sure.

Range of Sarees: 

f3fashion being the largest wholesale Sarees manufacturer in India and all over Surat provides exclusive range of Sarees. There is no other online shopping store which provides Banarsi Sarees at wholesale price but you can only get that at f3fashion