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Surat is a hub where you would see thousands of people come to down to buy sarees for business. Check out Surat saree market wholesale price list would be less compared to any city which sells sarees. Various range of Surat Saree catalogue designs is available here at below 300 wholesale prices.

Surat Sarees Manufacturer:

F3fashion is a well-known name in the list of Sarees manufacturer in Surat city. Thousand of Sarees Supplier purchases at f3fashion and get the product delivered to their doorstep. Even Sarees dealer are in firmly touch with f3fashion due to their low price and quality.


Saree Catalogue Design

We make a wide range of latest Sarees catalogue design in India and sell them online and from our warehouse. Design that you would see on our website is newly launched and currently trending. Our designer firmly keeps an eye on an ongoing fashion trend and designer design catalogue accordingly.


Designer Sarees:

If you are looking for Indian designer sarees in Surat on wholesale price, then there is no one better than us. High quality printed designer Sarees catalog design is presently suitable to your need. , and you would notice the same kind of sarees wore by Indian celebrity.

The range of Sarees: 

Here is the list of Sarees Catalog available at a wholesale price:

  • Georgette Sarees: This saree is made up of Georgette fabric which is very old. The material is crushed and lightweight. It is little heavier than chiffon but most suitable clothing any kind of special occasion.
  •  Silk Sarees: You would find millions of Pure silk sarees catalogue designs at f3fashion at an affordable price. Silk has been of most loved fabric by India ladies, and it carries all different charm. Some precaution needs to be taken while doing Iron as this cannot intake to much heat. This fabric even needs special care of wash as it is slippery and shiny. Best time to wear this clothing is during the festive occasion.
  • Banarsi: Let us know what kind of banarsi Sarees design catalogue you need , and we would get that for you. Superior quality and branded Sarees are available with us for ladies.
  • Party Wear Sarees design Catalogue: Every girl wants to look beautiful and wants to be an attraction when there is special gathering. F3fashion has exclusive function saree that is unique all another online shopping portal. These designs are made with such color that it would be a different look in various lights.


What is so special about our sarees Catalogues?

 A very first specialty about our sarees catalogues is the unique patterns, undoubtedly the designs we offer in a collection are 100% original. We claim it confidently because our designing team invents unique patterns on a regular basis and these new patterns make each saree exclusive. The moment you check sarees catalogues collection on F3fashion, you will just say “I haven’t seen such fantastic designs in saree at any textile market in India. 

Sarees- a growing trend in India

Wherever you go in all parts of India, you notice saree is the main outfit for Young female. Although this fabulous fabric is a little bit tricky to drape still a woman would love to try multiple designs on each occasion. When it comes to getting ready for any big event any Indian lady prefers to glam up the appearance by wrapping in this six-yard fabric. Fancy Girls put a lot of energy into finding the best collection from nearby boutique stores or also on the internet. It is nothing wrong to say that the sarees have maintained the top position from many years among all traditional and western attires, definitely, in upcoming years, the sarees trend will be growing speedily. To satisfy the demand of each retail customers, we supply full saree catalogs to retail stores and each Collection includes 10 or 12 different Sarees with having unique allurements on each one.

History of Sarees

 Fashion Historians says that the saree had its root about 5000 years ago and that is why Saree is considered as one of the oldest forms of the outfit. Well, the Old records point out that woman had used this long fabric from the time of Indus valley civilization. Even the old record also indicates that the use of this long-length-fabric was not limited up to Indus valley but also commonly used in the Mesopotamian era.  When Aryans came to the northern part of India, they used to wrap woolen on the body because they came from cold weather.  As they moved further towards Sothern area, they learned the techniques of weaving and by using this method they invented long cotton fabric from cotton waves. They named this fabric as vastra which is a Sanskrit word.  As time passes, this same Vastra became saree; this new name was also derived from Sattika which came from Buddhist and Jain literature. This is how the Saree name came into the existence, and The term Saree hasn’t changed from many years among India Fashion. 

How we manufacture sarees?

At first, our worker starts with ruff stitching to raw material, then the raw material goes for shade, and with the use of the jet machine, the white row material turns into the colorful fabric. The Jet machine also removes scratches, dirt marks from colored fabric. Then the material goes for deep washing & drying, once this procedure is finished we cut long fabric as per the appropriate length. That is how we turn pure material into interesting 3 m Piece which is known as Saree.

How we emboss various patterns on Plain fabric?

An attractive print makes the saree look more appealing therefore the printing procedure is a very vital part in saree- designing. Our printing master tests each printing pattern and set the color combination which is appropriate to various designs. At this stage, the material is currently prepared for printing with all the selected designs. Now the final print patterns have been glued to the saree cloth through the automated printing machine.  Finally, the six-yard   Material receives an appearance that is vibrant and fresh.  For generating threading work, we use automated embroidery machines that are capable of decorating any fabric. Our designers prepare treading designs on the computer, and these threading designs are applied automatically on silk, georgette or cotton saree through embroidery machine.

 About saree’s colors fabrics and textures

 With using stylish Chiffon and Shimmering Silks and gorgeous Georgette along with Flowing Crepes, we manufacture sarees with having vibrant colors and attractive textures on it. We also apply for embroidery work with the help of embroidery machine so Bulk buyer can find out all types of sarees from our collection. To find out the best catalog, The Retailers should search on our website F3Fashion.com where they get to see the catalog at a wholesale rate.

Which season is perfect for the retailer to stock the expensive sarees collection?

Saree is a daily wear outfit in India hence any retailer should maintain the stock of Mid-range sarees at a boutique store.  But when it comes to purchasing an expensive catalog, we advise all retailers to target festival season or wedding season. Just because any Retailer is not able to put up fully embroidered saree for sale in monsoon or summer season hence winter is the best season for a Bulk buyer to order expensive catalogs.  Just remember, all Big Indian festival like Diwali Dasheraa and karwa Chauth fall in the winter season that is followed by wedding season In November & December during these days embroidered sarees are remained in High demand so target this season specifically.

Modern draping styles of Sarees

  • Lehenga style draping: This unique draping is only possible with specially designed lehenga saree which is also termed as Half-and-half saree. In this pattern the half portion of the saree has decorated with heavy embroidery works same as a lehenga and the other half portion has been kept plain. For a girl that doesn’t bear the heavy weight of traditional lehenga can get the same look as lehenga and choli by using this draping style.
  • Dhoti style draping:  Modern Indian girls get bored quickly with typical draping styles like Gujarati, Bengali or South Indian. Our designers always present different draping styles on ramp shows, but from all that different draping methods, the dhoti style is liked by many fancy females hence you see this unique wrapping style in the current fashion world.
  • Gown style draping:  Western gown covers the full body from neck to toe, and the traditional saree can also cover any girl’s body part, but for that, she needs to learn how to drape it properly. This style of draping is a little bit hard to apply, but Girls can master it after a few attempts to try it now.

 Types of sarees we produce at our production House

  • Silk: We manufacture Banarasi, Bhagalpri, Bomkai  types of silk sarees at our manufacturing house and Our price is meager compared to other manufacturer so check out the collection Now
  • Patola:  Our manufacturing house is situated in Surat Gujarat, and our staff has developed mastery in producing Patola pattern that is the famous design of Gujarati saree in all over the world
  • Paithani: we also deliver Famous Paithani saree which is only produced In Maharashtra state, but we have Maharashtra based workers in our manufacturing team who know how to produce Paithani pattern using an embroidery machine.
  • Tent: a few years back, this famous Bengali saree is only available in the wholesale market of Mumbai, Calcutta, and Delhi. Due to high demand during of this six-yard fabric during Durga pooja and Navratri, we have just started to manufacture Tent saree In Surat so All retailers can search by the catalog at a wholesale rate from our website
  • Laheriya:  this printed sarees is best to wear in routine life, and that’s we regularly produce Laheriya sarees in vibrant colors with having excellent prints on it.
  • Badhani: Made of dye artwork and the color with feature ‘dots' layout, Bandhani sarees are manufactured with using various fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, crepe, silk at our manufacturing house. This Saree was invented In Kutch Gujarat by Khatri community, but today the Surat city has become the leading supplier of Badhani saree.
  • Dhakai: Dhakai or Jamdani saree has been originated in Dhaka City, and the art of producing this type of saree has been running from centuries in Bangladesh.   Also, this pattern is prevalent in Calcutta and all over Bengal, so the fabricators of Bengal know how to produce it, and we have a group of Bengal’s fabricators in our team, so we deliver the same style of Dhakali sarees catalogues in Surat. 

What is other Indian clothing other than Sarees?

When we talk about women clothing for Indian ladies then there there is lot of clothing available. Kurtis is the one which is right now sold the most and we request to check you Kurti Catalogue design avialable with us. You would love the premium collection that we have got for customer's.

Next clothing which is obeserved a lot in India and most of ladies wear is Salwar Kameez. There is no doubt which highest number of Salwar Suits Catalogue design are sold the most at f3fafshion. We have various range of suits and if you need any custom then check call us.

For any other kind of clothing you want buy then you can buy dress material catalogue available at f3fashion. These dess material are genuine, authentic and have guranteed shipping service.